Is The One Project a registered charity?

The One Project is a social enterprise registered under The One Project Education Inc. and in the process of being restructured into a non-profit.

Currently, our main goal is to pay off outstanding loans and achieve sustainability.

The organization is run without any motive for profit independently by a mighty team of two in Bryce Evans, who does not take a salary or wage, on top of his primary business and Kaye Lee (our Community Manager). It started as a creative project and after building into a larger community and grassroots movement, creating and managing a charity looked to be too complex at the time and we saw many struggling to achieve sustainability off of grants and donations at a time when mental health was losing more funding. A good chunk of our revenue is also paid back to active members through partnerships and member opportunities. We appreciate any and all contributions from the community to help sustain and keep our efforts as accessible to everyone as we can.

Here is one definition of social enterprise, which fits our model ❤️

  • A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to deliver profit to shareholders and owners.

? You can also visit our Why We Exist page to learn more about our values, mission and impact.