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Learn more about therapeutic photography

Discover how photography can be therapeutic for our mental health, along with a great way to start the conversation if you are struggling to begin talking about what you’re going through. It can be a powerful tool for tuning into our authentic selves and the insights that can come from listening to our intuition.

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May 11, 2020

Here’s What 7 Members Say To Someone Anxious About Sharing Their Mental Health Stories

We asked within our private community, "What would you say to someone new here that's anxious or worried about sharing their first story?" (login required). It's one of the most...
December 7, 2018

Getting Started with Therapeutic Photography Techniques

Hint: You've probably already been doing it without knowing! Many people are intrigued when they first hear the term "therapeutic photography" and while some instinctively get it, others are unsure...

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Build Your One Project

All of this started with one photo. We're here to help you take the first step in starting to talk and gain more confidence through authentic support and encouragement along the way. Every story told in our community makes an impact by contributing to our Story Library, helping other members and amplifying the insights you share to larger networks around the world in publications, exhibitions and more through our partnerships and member opportunities. One photo, one story, one insight can save a life.


Build Your Mental Toolkit

Share, experiment and learn what the most powerful tools are to help manage your mental health on a regular basis based on what's been most helpful for our community, along with the latest research. Plus, get support in your process of finding what works without the cycles of advice.

Year In Review

It's a process of introspection and reflection that is meant to be completed once or twice every year as a way to collect powerful insights about yourself and your life to help you move forward confidently into the next year.

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Create Your Hero's Journey

Discover the hero within you by taking back control of your story. This is a much more personal and introspective course that digs deep into the stories that you tell or believe about yourself and is recommended to be taken after our flagship course, Build Your One Project.

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What our members say

“Year in Review is a supportive course to help you dig deep into your own life and ponder what you do, why you do and how do you want your life to look now. This course takes all aspects of your life from past, to career to money, to review, ponder and answer questions that will bring you clarity, purpose and energy to be your best you!”

Janica Fisher

“This was really useful for me. Its something I've done in the past on a monthly basis, but never for an entire year or in this depth. The guidance was really useful to go through the process but it's also something that I'll take forward to try to do more often on my own. Reflection is really powerful and this reminded me of that.”

Brandon E.Year In Review Course

“This has been one of the most amazing and difficult tasks I have done. I loved the process and I’m going to do it all again to help myself grow more.”

AnonymousBuild Your One Project Course

Exceeds my expectations by far! I’m so, so excited about this new app The One Project has to offer. It gives me the opportunity to share and get feedback instantly when the thoughts are fresh on my mind. For me, this means a lot. I feel it’s like an ongoing discussion that you can join the moment you open your app.”

Peter Engberg

“In my mind $10 per month is an absolute bargain for access to do what I already enjoy, taking pictures, with a new technique that fosters personal growth and healing at the same time.”

Steve Nelson

“I'm grateful for this community. I've only been here for a few days, yet I feel much more loved and appreciated than ever.

Member of The One ProjectAsked for Anonymity

I am SUPER impressed with how professional everything looks! It's really inviting!”

Christina Graves

“I suffer from depression. Until now, I've never said that out loud. I have spent years and years trying to hide from the stigma that comes with being depressed, too embarrassed to ask for help and too anxious to feel like anyone would listen. I don't know when the exact moment was, but I was flipping through The One Project website and it hit me like a train. I don't have to feel this way. And I don't have to do this alone.

Molly Mitchell

“It's a brilliant community to be part. it has really helped me a lot and couldn't recommend it enough. ❤️”

Shannen Woods

Photography has been one of the best things I have ever done for my mental health. It helped me get through the empty nest syndrome, the passing of my Mother and also has helped me process and make sense of past childhood trauma. It’s a tool widely overlooked that deserves more awareness.”

Melanie Hood

“This community encourages everyone to explore their challenges with mental illness using photography, a tool which allows us to reflect and share in a very meaningful way, even when words aren’t available.

I’ve just recently started sharing in The One Project but I’m already seeing the support of the community, through their respectful and warm feedback.

Bar Perry

“After posting my first story, I was blown away by the immediate support from the community and Bryce himself. It just quickly felt like a safe environment to share emotions and feelings. During the course, I learned more about the power of photography and learned new ways to express myself through my photographs. I feel that now I am really able to use photographs as a therapeutic tool.”

Maria Cooks

“I am one of the earliest pioneers of the techniques of “PhotoTherapy” and “Therapeutic Photography” (using personal photographs and photo-taking as tools to improve therapy process, increase personal well-being, or create positive social change).

Photography can be a very powerful means of confronting problems and providing a way to overcome and survive them. Bryce Evans has started a vital conversation, using photography as his language for activating that dialogue.”

Judy WeiserR.Psych., A.T.R., Founder/Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre

“The One Project helped me get back on my feet after a couple of very rough life events. The things that I learned in this course [Build Your One Project] turned into a series of books that I’ve published. I constantly use the techniques on a daily basis in my practice as a portrait photographer and couldn’t describe this any better than; “The One Project saved my life”.

Jelani Woods

I am thrilled to be a member of this community. Bryce has created an incredible platform for people to be able to discuss, talk and open up regarding their stories regarding mental health.

I have been able to share some of my experiences within the community, and it is exciting to see how the conversation around mental health grows and transforms.”

Jesse DeLisle

“Excellent - highly recommended. A safe and secure space to begin the road to recovery and improved health.”

Jakki MorganBuild Your One Project Course

“This course [Build Your One Project] is very effective in dealing with a very serious topic.

This is well worth the price!

Dr. Bob Nolley

I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel free and finally have the support I need to move on and recover.”

Member (asked for anonymity)

“I find my own spirit is enlightened and lifted upwards from oppressive darkness into glorious light. Thank you to The One Project for being such a positive influence in my life.

Mark Dixon

“Photography has helped my mental well-being more than any medicine could, but I was reluctant to share my photos and thoughts. The One Project gave me a place to do both and connect with others of similar interest and struggles.”

Aaron Rouselle

“Love the app. I am happy to support you and The One Project.
An investment in hope.

Sue Hitchcock

I've enjoyed being part of the community of The One Project. Being able to comfortably share my stories with those in the group, and know that we're all sharing stories of mental health, and it's relation to photography. It's great to be part of the movement to break down the stigmas surrounding mental health, and how photography can be used to heal.”

Braydon Anthony John Chapelas

“I'm so grateful for this community... I've never felt so welcomed or comfortable with a group before.

L.S.Asked for Anonymity

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