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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


Awards & Mentions
  • • Hundreds of stories shared
  • • Raised $36,500 for charity
  • • Live on King 5 News Seattle
  • • Campaign Strategy
  • • Wall Mural
  • • Interactive Art Installation

#EraseBullying Campaign

Entirely our campaign concept based on an early story of The One Project by Bryce Evans that included our creative work being used across 200 stores in North America. Thousands of people took part in the interactive art installation on store windows and shared their stories around bullying. It was the first ethical campaign unanimously approved by board, plus both a customer and staff favourite for their ethical campaigns. Also the first ever campaign to be run in the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait & Lebanon) by LUSH.

How The Project Was Received

“Bryce’s insight and ability to develop inspiring campaigns that engage people on a deep level is truly a gift. We worked with Bryce in 2013 on our anti-bullying ethical campaign and his Erase Bullying concept proved to be one of our most memorable and powerful campaigns. The core of his work contains so much foresight into people allowing them to better themselves and create a better world around them. At LUSH, we believe in meaning beyond marketing and if you look through the related posts and stories submitted by our customers across North America you will understand the meaning instilled in Bryce’s work.”

Tricia StevensNorth America Charitable Givings Manager, LUSH Cosmetics North America
Healthline & Teva

2017 / 2018

Key Achievements
  • • 1000’s of comments on social
  • • Highly shared across social
  • • Significantly lower bounce rate
  • • Blog posts and articles
  • • Guest speaker at conference
  • • Community story contributions

Life Effects, contributing expertise with articles

Healthline reached out to us to contribute two articles at the end of 2017 for testing a new project and the posts exceeded all goals and standard metrics leading to an extension throughout 2018 with Teva and their Life Effects program. We were sent to Miami to speak at the 8th Global Patients Congress 2018 as part of this project.


industry standard social CTR


sessions in a few weeks


or more for session duration
How The Project Was Received

“The articles you wrote made a big impact with readers -- we received hundreds of comments on social, and the articles exceeded all of our performance goals. Thank you for sharing your stories and insights!”

Erin PetersonEditorial Director, Content Marketing at Healthline


Facebook Video Stats
  • • 1.6k reactions
  • • Short Documentary involving community in Vancouver

Short Documentary, what it’s like treating depression and anxiety through therapeutic photography

As a part of their new Common Good series and in association with My Giving Moment, we worked with VICE to produce a short documentary about our community and the photo walks we ran called #Storymeet.

Watch the film

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