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We’ve spent the last 10 years crafting a private member-based community full of supportive souls to help change the picture of mental health together. The community is forever free, upgrade anytime to contribute to our mission and get full access to complete your One Project.

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Our Private, Supportive Community

Share stories and ask questions around your inner journey to build confidence and feel less alone. You can post to the following topics, use advanced search to filter or find the stories you’re looking for and get inspiration from our Story Prompts where we aim to spark conversation 3 times every week.

We’re constantly building and improving our guides and resources for members based on our collective insights and the latest research to help you improve your understanding of how to reach out for help, more easily express what you’re going through or provide support to those who are struggling. Together we’re building a better picture of mental health.

“My first week with The One Project was amazing. That is the first place I felt totally included and like I mattered as a person. I cannot tell you enough just how awesome The One Project is. I am very impressed with the organization, and how you are made to feel important. The photos are spectacular as well.  I love just reading, browsing and interacting with new friends. I am so blessed to have found it. Thank you so much!”

— Susan W.

Build Your One Project

* Available on paid plans only.

Learn therapeutic photography to reconnect with your intuition and make a creative photo project. Build a personal project using photography and creative writing to help you tell your story, discover powerful personal insights and gain clarity in your purpose, passion and authentic self.

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“The One Project helped me get back on my feet after a couple of very rough life events. The things that I learned in this course turned into a series of books that I’ve published. I constantly use the techniques on a daily basis in my practice as a portrait photographer and couldn’t describe this any better than; ‘The One Project saved my life’.”

– Jelani Woods

Build Your Mental Toolkit

* Available on paid plans only.

Find and develop a solid foundation of healthy habits and tools for your mental health so you can thrive based on the collective insights and experiences of our community, along with the latest published research.

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“In my mind $10 per month is an absolute bargain for access to do what I already enjoy, taking pictures, with a new technique that fosters personal growth and healing at the same time.”

– Steve Nelson

Give Support, Share Publicly and Expand Your Impact

When you’re in a good space or gain new insights, share them to give back to other members in the community. Tag your stories to our Permission topic and we’ll share it publicly through our larger network. Our team is always working on ways to boost your story’s impact and ensure that others feel less alone by your photos and words.

“I find my own spirit is enlightened and lifted upwards from oppressive darkness into glorious light. Thank you to The One Project for being such a positive influence in my life.”

– Mark Dixon
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Get monthly project updates

Learn how to get involved and receive new stories, member opportunities and see our impact.

Your involvement matters, at every stage

The journey with mental health is always changing, so our community provides steps that help you, while benefiting other members and our larger mission no matter where you’re at currently. If you’re struggling, reach out and share to ask for support or just let it out. In a good space? Support others and share any new insights you’ve gained!

Give support, lead the way

When you're in a good space, it's important to give back and support other members who are struggling

Share your insights

Give back to the community by sharing your insights that you've gained and inspire other members.

When you’re struggling

Share stories privately, just let it out, get support and encouragement

Build a project and vision

Build your One Project to reconnect with your intuition and gain powerful insights with photos.

You are not alone

Share your experiences to see you're not alone and help everyone understand mental health better.

Get inspiration and insights

See others persevering, ask for advice, learn from others' insights


Ensuring everyone feels safe and supported, with no judgement

We're a mighty and efficient team that uses mindful automations, community guidelines, and tools to empower our members so we can focus on what we do best as humans: creating a safe and supportive community where each story gets a thoughtful response. Every story is private by default and we only ever feature stories and share them publicly with your express permission (you always own your photos and stories). Many members have expressed it is the most comfortable they've felt discussing mental health, which warms our hearts.

Christina Graves


I have suffered from depression in the past and I am currently struggling with anxiety. When I was first diagnosed with depression, I was afraid of what others would think. But as I began to share my story with others, I discovered so many people struggle with similar issues. I was able to encourage them just by sharing my story and encouraging them to get the help they need... I also love photography, but struggle with creativity due to anxiety. When I heard about this course I was immediately interested mainly because of the photography, but also for the need for more self-care in my life. It has been a tremendously effective way to deal with my stress and anxiety, and I hope that my photos and stories will help others as well.

Andrew Penner


It seemed like a fantastic community to learn photography skills, but also to learn about myself. I've often wondered why a certain type of image or subject draws me in more than other types, so this seemed like an ideal way to explore those ideas.

How has The One Project helped you so far?

So far just engaging with other community members, reading their stories, and seeing their work has started to open my eyes. The courses definitely look challenging but incredibly beneficial at the same time.

Alisija Kolevska


I have anxiety for 10 years, even though I am able to do my everyday tasks and function typically, I felt like I need a supportive environment where I can increase my sense of belonging.

How has The One Project helped you so far?

I felt accepted and increased my awareness that I am not alone with my thoughts, and also learned to be more thankful for where I am in life.

Karl Roberts


Why did you join The One Project?

A place to discuss my work and have it seen to a more understanding audience

How has The One Project helped you so far?

It's given me a place to show my work to similar minded people, which I really appreciate.

Trena Wall


The One Project has helped me in many ways, it’s given me more of a voice, it’s showed me to just say what you feel and to not worry how perfect or imperfect it is. Most importantly it’s shown me that my words and art have the power to reach more people in ways I never thought and that is exactly why I ever started speaking out.

Tracy Anderson


I felt that it was a community where I would belong, I found my people.

How has The One Project helped you so far?

I feel more connected and not as alone. I am quite bad at staying connected while things get too overwhelming or just too busy, but I know this is when I should be staying connected with the community the most. The One Project is always there for you.

Habiba Abdelaal


How has The One Project helped you so far?

I feel supported and heard from people who really understand what I am going through.

Amanda Ransom


Why did you join The One Project?

I wanted to learn more about therapeutic photography and meet others who are doing the same.

How has The One Project helped you so far?

This a great support group. Lots of encouragement from members going through similar things. I feel I can be honest here. I have also learned many things from the community on how they use photography for themselves. I hope to continue to learn more.

Expand Your Impact with Member Opportunities

Our team’s unique expertise and experience help us create meaningful opportunities and develop partnerships that have resulted in member stories being published in magazines (online and print), exhibitions around the world in places like Canada, Italy and Malaysia, and international campaigns across North America reaching millions of people.

Feature your stories in exhibitions

Get published or featured in international campaigns


Total Paid Back From Member Opportunities

For any partnerships that include payment and involve stories or involvement from members, we pay all contributors fairly and only feature or use your stories with your express permission. Stats updated as of Nov. 2019

Member opportunities are prioritized to paid members first, as part of the benefit and value for helping fund our mission (which supports us in making these happen), however we encourage all members to apply and give permission to have their stories featured publicly. One of our core values is inclusivity to ensure the stories we share shed light on marginalized voices, experiences and perspectives. If we see powerful stories that fit these criteria and any themes or other criteria of the opportunity, we will include them regardless of your membership status.

Our community is currently on hold as we work to relaunch soon, please sign up to our email list to be notified.

New Member FAQs

What if I've never or rarely talked about this before?

You’re in the right place ❤️we’ve all been there or are working through that right now too.

This whole project started from a single photo and then series that was a way to start talking about mental health for the first time. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of insight into how to help members make that first step and have worked to create a safe space that we’re proud to say many members claim as the place they felt most comfortable to do it. Many of the stories you read (both public and within our private community) have only been shared here and possibly were expressed for the very first time. It’s such an important step to take that will spark vital insights and changes for you as you start your journey of letting go and opening up. We’re proud of you for getting this far already and can’t wait to read your stories!

Our Getting Started course has a guide with insights and messages of support collected from members about their first time sharing, plus our hosts and other members are here for you and will help if you have any questions or further concerns.

Do I need to provide or share my name?

When creating an account for our private online community, you will need to provide a name. 

If you’d prefer, you do not have to provide your given name in either of the First or Last Name fields for more privacy when sharing your stories. We have some members that choose to use screen names or simply initials.

Do I need to share my location?

No, our system automatically detects your general location (city and country) to help you find and connect with members in your area. This can easily be turned off and have your location removed in your profile.

How to remove your location from your profile

  1. First click on your profile photo and then “View Profile”.
  2. When your profile opens, click on the “Edit” button at the top right.
  3. Scroll down to the “Location” field and delete all of the text and then click “Save”.

Do I need to be a photographer or have a fancy camera?

Do I need to have photography experience or skills?

No! It’s about the act of taking photos and using it as non-verbal communication, not the technical or artistic aspects of photography.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No, the techniques that we teach have nothing to do with the equipment or camera you have. You can use a mobile phone, DSLR, film or point-and-shoot camera, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have the ability to upload your photos digitally, you’re good.

Do I need to have a diagnosis or be struggling with my mental health right now?

No! Our community is open to all, no matter what stage you’re at with your mental health. You do not need a formal diagnosis or even to have self-diagnosed struggles that you’re going through. We need advocates and those who are doing well currently, so that they can give back, learn, and support other members. We’re in this together!

Who can see my profile and stories?

Our community is private and only accessible to members. Anyone without an account or that’s not logged in cannot access or see stories and content that’s within the community.

Private community accessible to members only

When you set up your profile and tell a story at any time, everything is private by default within our community.

The only time that we have information shared publicly is when we feature stories.

⚠️We only do this with express permission from the author!

We work hard to create a safe and caring community where you can connect, express yourself, learn and grow. ❤️

What is your Forever Free Policy?

Our private community is and always will be free.

A core part of our mission from the beginning was to improve access to safe spaces and techniques that allow people to open up and start talking about their mental health. We realize that mental health challenges are often linked or exacerbated by financial struggles, so there are no barriers to being a part of the community and getting support.

Please note forever free access does not include premium courses, however you can earn access through our ambassador program.

You can upgrade anytime or make one-time donations if your situation changes.

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