Month In Review: February 2019

Hey everyone! 😄

Our first two monthly updates back-to-back and we’ve got more news along with lots of exciting growth for our new community. 👏 We’re still working on getting everyone into the new system, so please help spread the word and keep up the beautiful words of support, contributions and encouragement for others ❤️

We are starting to pick up momentum now and our community grew by 25% this month, with lots of new friends joining us (representing 3 new countries too) 👋



Current Focus

✅ Right now, I’m focused on getting a few final automated systems up that will help to make it faster and easier for us to keep sharing member profile stories and these month-in-review updates both inside the community and publicly.

Next on the to-do list: Bigger push for new members and growing the community, launching our new shop fully with lots of empowering swag and supportive tools, launching our community leader program, and lots more. 😅



Important Updates

⚠️ We have updated our topic Permission To Share (Publicly) to clarify it’s purpose, which is, as it states: “By tagging your story to this topic, you grant The One Project Education Inc. permission to share and feature your story publicly on our website, blog, social media and other marketing efforts with your account name here. This helps our mission of advocating and bringing awareness on a larger scale.”

Previously, I would double-check by messaging you for each story before it’s posted publicly, which I will no longer be doing as it adds a significant amount of time and slowed down our progress as a community.

Now we have set up several automations to help ensure that featured stories get posted much faster than before, which helps us build our community and grow our overall impact. 👏👏👏

If you have questions, issues or need to request a story be taken down, our FAQ and Help section has also been updated.



New Paid Opportunity

Visualizing Your Best Self Outside Depression 👀

It’s common when struggling from depression to always be looking backwards to the past, stuck in regret, overthinking, etc. Share a story with a self portrait of your “best self” to look forward and give yourself a marker to work towards and remember who you are capable of being and becoming. It does not need to include your face, however that is preferred.

⏰ Entries are due by March 14, 2019 – Full details here



Impact Stats

As of February 28th, 2019, for our new system only

❤️ Total members = 316 (+61)

💬 Stories told = 525 (+120)

🌎 Countries covered = 44 (+3)



Member Love

a brilliant way to share difficult issues and a help in healing ones self. 

— Jacques Hervieux 

Really nice place to share your own story and learn how to cope with the use of photography 💝 — Angelus Soren

One project = togetherness. A place of safety and sharing, a place of honesty and kindness all wrapped up in a creative process of healing through photo imagery and words. The One Project has given me a voice, a place to be brave and meet others who can relate and most of all a place to lose my fear and be brave enough to travel a new path. Couldn’t recommend enough. Amazing people in a amazing Community. 

One Love = Freedom from the darkness — Jenni Pawlik 

A safe friendly place to gather with people who understand the therapeutic value of photography. — Nan LynRdhffer



Have feedback for us? Want to see other information here? Have any questions? 😄

Comment below! 👇👇👇 We’re building this together and I need your help! ❤️

— Bryce Evans


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