Early morning routines

Early morning routines

I used to love planting flowers but then I wasn’t consistent about watering them and they would die.

My husband and children would often comment about that. Every time, I would bring in another plant they would say, “Is that going to stay alive?” Lol

My husband put it in my ear that plants are live things and need to be watered, also cared for.

I really don’t know why I didn’t view it like that. I guess, I was looking for some form of stress relief and beauty from the gardening process. But then forgot about the rest. Now, I realize I was making excuses about it being too hot or too cold outside to go water them. I’m not such a morning person. But I’ve noticed that, now I do view them as live things and I want to go water them right when I get up. It has become my morning ritual.

It puts me in a good mindset when my hormones aren’t out of whack. Lol I drink my morning celery juice too! It gives me something to look forward to. It is really helping my mental wellness and for that I’m grateful.

I can see why my dad harvest rain, composts and loves green things. It also, helps his depression and anxiety. I’m glad, I watched him outside and he has taught me his ways.

I care for my green things, like real life things, that they are!

— Leandra Richie


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