It’s a Reflection of Someone

I recently changed my profile picture and while this might seem like just your average selfie, for me, the person in this photo is closer to being his “best” self than any other previous photo of him.


This is the first time I’ve felt confident enough to take and post a photo of myself since my girlfriend of 3 years left me back in August. I put on a bunch of weight over the last couple years and started losing my hair, both of which killed my self-esteem completely and induced this panic that I was now old and unattractive and love and connection would be much harder to find.

But in the last couple months, despite some hiccups, I’ve been making strides in my personal development and mental health on a new level. This picture is closer to my best self than ever before because:

It’s a reflection of someone who has been disciplined in going to the gym almost every day for 3 months in an effort to regain his health and is seeing results. He’s sleeping better, eating better, feeling better, and looking better.

It’s a reflection of someone who can see hope for the future after knowing only hopelessness and despair.

It’s a reflection of someone, who after going through therapy, has begun to let go of the past and childhood trauma and give his life new meaning.

It’s a reflection of someone who was haunted by loneliness and isolation learning to find love and peace within his own company.

It’s a reflection of someone who was spiraling out of control with his drinking for years who has now fallen in love with sobriety.

It’s a reflection of someone whose self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth were essentially non-existent just a short time ago, who is now learning to love himself and feeling proud and grateful for the person he is becoming.

It’s a reflection of someone who is aligned with their goals and ambitions for perhaps the first time in their life.

It’s a reflection of regrowth, of a new chapter, of learning to surrender while reclaiming what was lost or taken from me in this life.

Finally, it’s a reflection of someone who is adventuring towards peace and freedom in this life. Someone who has grown wiser, more experienced, more loving and somehow, less bitter and angry.

For the first time in my life, it’s a reflection of me at my closest to my best self. Now suddenly, I find gratitude and joy in my heart.

— Brandon Krogel


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