I have been doing not so good over the last couple days. A memo leaked from the white house that, aside from trying to define transgender people out of legal existence, included the sentence “…wrongfully extend civil rights to people who should not have them.” It’s impossible to please everyone, and it’s not uncommon to have a couple people that just don’t like you; but to be so vehemently despised by so many people simply for self determination against rigidly enforced societal norms is a devastating mental strain. I don’t even live in America, but the LGBTQ+ community is one that transcends borders. I spent several hours helping a couple friends look into seeking asylum as refugees in Canada, and that hurts that that may be a necessity for them. To be the subject of, but not allowed to participate in, a ‘should these people be treated like humans’ debate is an awful feeling. Yesterday I actually woke in tears.

I like to think I have a pretty positive outlook on life, but it can be hard to keep that up all the time.


—Samantha Nystrom



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