One of the Most Traumatizing Moments

This is an iPhone photo so not the best. But one thing that causes my anxiety to get out of control, is having to take an elevator. I know silly right? But hear me out. My mom used to work at the WTC and I live in the city near NYC. I was 10 years old when I witnessed one of the most traumatizing moments of my life. Now I know you must be wondering what does elevators have to do with 9/11 but I lost my innocence, my belief that I could be invincible. I loved taking the elevator in the old WTC because it was an adventure, now it reminds me of anxiety. I get claustrophobic and anxious that I’ll die in skyscraper. This is always so difficult for me since I’m a photographer who shoots in NYC a lot. People take so much of their lives for granted; how easy simple tasks as taking an elevator is to them. Today, I had to shoot an event and I did it. I had help of course but I did and the view at the top, though it was only the 20th floor, was beautiful and a gift. Wanted to share this gift with you all that it’s okay that we’re not normal, life isn’t anyway. And I know this world wasn’t built for us but we’re STILL here navigating it as best as we can, and that’s beautiful.

— Ashley Jacklyn



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