I had a whole lot on my mind today. It was an emotional day. My head and body felt heavy.

Fortunately, it was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to go for a walk by the water. It was the perfect time of the day for photos as the sun was beaming with the orange glow – you know the kind right before it starts to set.

Just as I was getting to my truck, I saw these massive trees that look stunning against the sky. I stopped to take a photo but for some reason it just wouldn’t focus. I must have taken over a hundred photos on this walk so why would it stop working all of a sudden? I started walking back to the truck while still fidgeting with my camera, and then it suddenly worked again.

As I looked back at my photos, I came across this blurry one. This photo reminded me that no matter how hard I try to focus and find the answer, sometimes I just need to step away and then come back to it.

The same lesson happened earlier in the day. I got a new bluetooth keyboard. And for the life of me, it just wouldn’t pair. Eventually, I moved it off the system and added it back in and it worked.

Sometimes when you don’t get the lesson the first time, it keeps coming back in a different form until you “get it”.

— Kaye Lee


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