At the ending of everyday there is a sunset.

Something not all of us recognize for its beauty but, rather an occurrence that will continue to present itself. There will always be a sunset no matter the day of week, month, weather, season, or year, the sun will fall into the earth unalike to those of days past.

The finest sunsets manifest after a thunderstorm.

Every so often, you need to persevere through the bad to get to the good. Sometimes the storms can be cumbersome and feel as though there is no end, there is no escape. Meanwhile, the most impeccable sunset is ready to shine, only to be seen ensuing the storm.

A sunset, without exception is constantly there. A sunset is there even after the worst days. Something beautiful to end the day when the storm didn’t seem to have an end.

More than just the conclusion of another day, a sunset is a symbol of hope. One day the storm will end. One day the sun will shine as it sets on the horizon, One day you will see the light and realize why you endured that storm.

— Madi



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