At a time when nothing seemed fixable, everything unbalanced and unfair, this small connection, covered in frost reminded me.

It created a vision of my summer, in the hammock, children laughing, sun shining. It silently spoke the truth that no matter how thick the frost and cold blanket of depression, the warmth of all that gives us life will slowly work to warm things, make it more bearable. The sun will come back, and so will the laughter.

But for now, all that is necessary is to hold on. Tightly grip whatever it is that keeps you here.

Just hold on.

Cling to the things that tether you to this world.

Look for moments of beauty. As ugly as depression is, it sometimes gives us the gift of seeing things from a different, quieter, perspective. And know that as long as you keep holding on, gripping what matters most, the blanket of depression will eventually melt, and there will be warmer days ahead.

— Suzanne Earls



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