Depression Didn’t Win

By January 31, 2018Anxiety, Depression

Depression has it’s win’s and losses, and in fact, I’ve lost on more day’s than I’ve won.  I’ve struggled with Cyclothymia and anxiety for most my life. Cyclothymia is a  common form of depression yet serious mood disorder that affects how you feel, think, and handle daily activities.

Depression makes you prone to persistent sadness, anxiousness, and pessimism.  It’s okay, even if depression wins. Sometimes it’s best not to go against it; it simply means that you’re giving yourself permission to feel, to honor yourself from the unknown. Even while living with this diagnosis I am still thriving in my everyday life. I’ve found there’s still a reason to celebrate, despite the feeling of having lost to depression;

While it has it’s up’s and downs. I created the affirmation “Depression didn’t win” to celebrate pressing forward while thriving with cyclothymia!  Acknowledgment is the first step to progress and I believe if we  celebrated our  wins with depression it helps us to:

Appreciate where we are in our journey with depression

Break the stigma of depression as a sign of weakness

You know we have to honor ourselves for not dwelling under the darkness that is at bay. We have to recognize that we continue to fight, continue to push, and continue to charge on against an unruly battle within ourselves. I believe that we are brave, and that’s the biggest factor of them all.

How do you win with Depression?

— Myisha T



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