Depression, parents and children.

I call you every night in my dreams

My soul is hurting

I chose to let you be

I was selfish

I regret every second of my life

I was so selfish

Let God’s to punish me

That I left you alone

To face this world

Without the mother

I was so selfish

It hurts every second of my life

I love you more than anything

But I was just selfish.

You forgave me

That was the best thing for me.

Forever I regret my decitions

I was just so selfish

I have suffered depression all my life. It started when I was my teens. At the age of 31, I moved to the UK and left my son for foster care. I thought I was absolutely the worst mother ever. I made wrong decision.

My depression just continued until at the age of 50 I was diagnosed with bipolar.

If you don’t know what is wrong with you it’s hard to understand why you do these things. It’s hard to understand why you’re so very different.

I made wrong decision or maybe it was right for my son. Nobody knows.

However, what is and feels like forever broken, can be restored in time.

Time is ticking and time is valid. Don’t give up on your children just because you’re told that it is the best thing for them. Nobody is as whole without parents.

— Riitta Toro


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