Another night star photo. At first I thought to myself, “so what. Just another night photo, a photo that proves that I am struggling to leave my house during the day.” But then I realised, I still did something, and that is something I need to be proud of. Mental illness may have beat me during the day – but night time was mine. It was me, and my camera (and my husband I guess haha), and the world. The stars were so beautiful. It was pitch dark and while I was doing this long exposure, a car turned up our street, briefly illuminating the area I was standing. And now I think back, and what a metaphor. For this past while its felt like I’ve been trapped in this darkness, but also its important to remember there are things that illuminate the darkness. It doesn’t matter for how long, or however brief they may illuminate the darkness – the important thing is there is some illumination. I believe everyone has a form of illumination, whether it be a partners terrible jokes, a loving pet, a good book, a good TV show or movie, there is something, and sometimes we just have to look hard enough to find what it is that brings some light to our darkness, when it is all consuming.

— Olivia Clark



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