Yesterday I had a really bad day. I broke down, I lost the plot. Made a doctors appointment and I ended up talking with my doctor for over 45 minutes. Now i realise that conversation has helped me. Its validated me and my symptoms. She heard me. She acknowledged me. We have changed the game plan, which is helping so far. Today my father and brother in law came over for coffee and dropped Starr – who is pictured off to me for a few hours. I’ve always had a connection with Starr, she usually sticks by me and follows me everywhere. Today she came and snuggled up on the bed with me, and just leaned against me. Whenever I left the room she followed. A constant reassurance, comfort. I’m grateful to have the support of my husbands family behind me, I’m starting to realise they are going to play a big part in supporting my healing process. today I’m still not great, but I am calmer and better. And I know it will be okay.

— Olivia Clark



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