Photography is a Part of Me

Well, now I cannot exclude photography from my life… I started with no hope to pursue it but now I just have to have a camera… It sort of gives me a mental pass like a media pass to dive into situations I will never put myself forward personally…. It also makes me feel like an observer for a while and for just a moment when looking through that viewfinder I don’t care what the next person thinks of me….sure at times where things are packed it comes up but I have that self-confidence to say who cares….which I know is a huge accomplishment especially for me…even just for a second….

But it doesn’t make life easy or less terrifying… actually for the last couple of months I have been stuck in the city worsening my depression and anxiety but having photography as I mentioned earlier helped me to survive… but this is a photo I took last weekend…I had a very busy schedule but me and my family went for a little trip in nature for two days away from the city and mass populations… and the clarity nature gives me…. the peace and decompression it gave me was tremendous and helped me sort of gain some distance from those terrible days of anxiety and depression…. But at that moments I felt photography as a gift for me, for once in about 2 or 3 years I didn’t feel like I was hiding or covering behind a viewfinder it felt like I was capturing these deeply breathtaking and therapeutic views in hopes to maybe help someone else decompress or maybe help me get myself calmed down later when I get back into this competitive city life….. So this is a photo I took that day from my room balcony of the sunrise that morning, the beach and of the sea.

— Tiyani Gurusinghe


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