Moving Towards the Light

I was so happy for this moment and the photograph I was able to take. For many years I have taken pictures of small nearby details that emphasize the importance of light in my life. The images have been overall dark, with a little detail that contains light – that light, in the darkest times, I’ve always believed is out there somewhere. For a time now, I’ve felt I’m stuck with my way of photographing, almost like holding on to it in a negative way which restrains my creativity (healing).

I’ve felt a need to move forward in my life and photographing works as a metaphor for me. As a landscape image, where the birds are moving towards the light, I feel all the things that are in my life right now. I have to broaden my perspective and move forward, although it feels scary.

It feels like I have taken the first step in a new phase.

— Peter Engberg


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