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This member story was featured in a mental health exhibition in Malaysia titled Return To Light.

Most days I compare my level of depression to everyone else’s and always come up short. I never feel as if I’m suffering as much as other people and so, always just tell myself that my pain isn’t as bad or as important and, as such, shouldn’t be acknowledged.


All images I post are mine.

— Loretta Stephens


Here are some of the personal notes the attendees left for Loretta!


“Big or small, what you feel is always valid.”

“Never disregard your pain as not important or valid. It is just as valid as everyone else. Stay strong love. Thanks for this eye-opening post.”

“Your pain is real & matters! You matter! I hope you get the strength to get the help you need.”

“Each suffering is different. Don’t compare. Talk to ppl and you matter.”

“Pain is a relative measurement. Don’t disregard your need for a shoulder to cry on. Remember: You matter too.”



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