This member story was featured in a mental health exhibition in Malaysia titled Return To Light.

Discover Your Freedom

There are no other feelings higher than having freedom. In depression, being free is the essence of independence. When our depression attacks, we feel that we are inside in a square world with four corners: medication, psych providers, therapy, and public dilemma. We do not want that square to turn into a circle with a repetitive cycle with no end. We need to go out and release the tension from our body and mind. Go outdoors, explore the nature, rest your eyes, clear your thoughts, and exonerate yourself from a heavy burden.

To discover freedom, let your journey to healing integrate photography. You don’t need to spend a lot if you don’t have a camera, don’t worry, I’m sure your cellphone had one, and that will do just great. You will hear from any experienced photographers in all genres that “the best camera is the one with you.” Go outdoors every opportunity you can get, if your photos that are not sharp, blurry subjects, and unbalance horizons. Don’t worry; the purpose is that “every click of a shutter is a click of freedom to heal.” It is your shot, your photo, your life, your health, your journey, and your freedom. Take a deep breath; you are FREE now.

— Dancel Dante


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