Importance of Self-care

The mask

How are you they ask?
I’m fine……
Do they really want to know my answer?
I’ve tried being honest.
I’ve tried being fake.
Now, I just say, I’m okay.
If I’m feeling safe to talk.
Or if I want to talk, I do.

I’ve experimented with a few people and you know how it goes. Some REALLY want to hear how you’re doing and some don’t. So now I say instead to people. It’s so good to see you. Because, when I’m down I can’t be there for others or when I’m feeling good I want the feeling to stay.

But with my tribe, I can usually be who I want to be. Unless they’re going through too much. That’s why it’s good to have more than one friend. I will be there for my trusted tribe too when I can. Most of the time if I can’t, I still can. Because I love them, trust them and appreciate all they do for me. Even if it’s as little as just listening.

So, I pretty much mask my feelings in front of those, I don’t know and trust. I usually try to do some self-care, which is usually done by myself.

— Leandra Richie


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