Guilt versus letting go

Guilt versus letting go feelings bearing unbalance action to press the button for free fall or lifting the feet to the next step toward the edge. Both were possible to close the tunnel and the eyes. No whisper, no sound, no feelings, no emotions, and numb, dumb mind of mine. Will I let it go? Fear of teardrops sought a high trance, a defiance to the actual situation. Why is there love? When it is not able to accept reasons to render meaning. Selfishness and commit mistakes again to battle the old wound to haunt back.  Do I need to wake up and search the light once again? And let the wind and fog brought the prize then forgive me. I need to catch the next bus to bring me back to the crossroads to continue the journey to the path of true healing away from the edge and  Let It Go.

— Dancel Dante


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