Nature grounds me

By April 28, 2020Anxiety

Nature takes me back to the simple things.

Nature is so breath taking.

It grounds me and helps me release my anxieties.

With so much uncertainty around, we need outlets.

It’s amazing how we go back to the simple things.

Things we often take for granted.
So many other things cloud our judgement and our time.

The television, the internet, etc.
When we get back to the simple things like: real conversations, puzzles, reading books, gardening, cooking from scratch, baking, etc we feel so much more grounded.

I listen to the sounds of the forest. I notice the details in the ground. My inner child comes out and thinks of all the things, I could play.

I remember the things, I did play. All the mud pies I made for my mother. All the imaginative things I would do around sticks, leaves and water. I would make believe I was a tiny person making a raft to get across the water. Making a leaf as the rafts sail to get across.

Maybe that’s why I crave being alone for a bit on a short walk in nature. A lot of my childhood memories came back.

I thank my camera for getting me to take that walk into nature! 📷

I love nature and I can’t wait to go back. 🌲🌱❤️

— Leandra Richie


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