Final Test Anxiety Attack

Close up of law school textbook with post it, pen and laptop computer screen in background to show final test anxiety attack
This member story was featured in a mental health exhibition in Malaysia titled Return To Light.

Studying had never been a problem for me until I got in to law school.

I got to the point where I had a really bad anxiety attack while writing a final test. Everyone staring at me during the test while I started scratching myself until I started bleeding (which I do whenever an episode beggings) was one of the worst experiences of my academic life.

I saw some people laughing at me. I saw some of my friends staring at me scared. I saw my professor walking towards me and asking if I needed help.

I froze for a few seconds and then just pretend nothing was happening, finished my test and left feeling terrible. Got home and just cried. I felt horrible, felt like I was stupid, worthless, crazy.

Now I don’t feel bad about it. I no longer feel ashamed or worthless. I understand that it was just a moment. That moment is not who I am.

—  Lorena Figueiredo

Here are some of the personal notes the attendees left for Lorena!


“You are more than some numbers! You’re strong & your photography is amazing! Stay strong. ❤️”

“I have always believed that trying your best is what matters most! Just don’t give up and all the best. You are extraordinary. ❤️”

“Yes! Most importantly you got over it! Never apologizes for who you are! ❤️”

“Never forget that you are worthy and that you should never be ashamed of yourself. I love the line ” A moment is not who I am.” ❤️”

“You are not defined by what confines you. You will not let it define you. You are not numbers on a test result, not a ball of anxiety. You get to choose who you are.”



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