In 1997 I graduated high school, started college and met the man who would later become my husband.

In 2000 I had my first daughter and left college to be a mom

In 2001 I had my second daughter and got married.

In 2004 we bought our first house.

In 2005 we had our one and only son.

In 2007 I started back to college

When you are growing up, you develop this idea of what your life will be like as an adult. Milestones you will hit and I hit each of them. Life was looking good and I was on track (even if the track was not strait lol). Then the track rocked me and totally broke off course.

In 2013 my husband was High Year of Tenured out of the military and my mom passed away.

In 2016 our home was foreclosed upon.

In 2017-2018 my oldest daughter having her own mental health issues ended up having multiple hospitalizations

These hardships really tested my will and almost broke me down completely. It took a lot of hard work to keep pushing forward and to try and get our lives back on the right track.

The lotus flower represents enlightenment or rebirth and so it reminds me that this is just a new chapter, a new beginning to grow and learn.

The infinity sign reminds me that my story has not ended.

The semicolon reminds me that I am a survivor.

Life is not perfect, it has no perfect track where everything goes smoothly and as planned. It is bumpy and curvy and sometimes you may even get lost on it, but in the end, it will take you right where you need and are supposed to be. If you keep pushing and moving forward you will come out a stronger person!

— Crystal Miller


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