During the past several weeks as I have ridden my bike along the canal near my home, it has been a real treat to see little bunches of baby Mallard ducklings grow from tiny balls of fluff first learning how to swim into almost full size ducks that are progressively broadening their horizons.

This morning, a little group of young ducks was waiting to greet me on the bike path. Grouped closely together under the watchful eye of their mother, they allowed me to come within a few feet before waddling off the path to get out of my way and explore new territory in a ditch along the path.

Beyond them was a similar group having a new adventure on the bike path. As I approached, they turned the other way and followed their mother into the canal to swim safely away.

As I observed these little communities of ducks, I was reminded of my own growth potential. I can progressively grow and develop, along with other members of my community, into something way beyond my current individual condition or group situation. #wsccommunity

— Mark Dixon



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