At the bottom, looking up. As I walked up the steps to the top of the lighthouse, it occurred to me how much it represented my life right now.

The steps became more narrow and steep, as I climbed.

Easier to miss a step and fall.

More frightening and unnerving.

When I got near the top, the opening was very small, and not at all made for a 6′-2″ 220 lb. man like me.

When I made it through, the landing at the top was also very narrow, and a little bit shaky, with only an old railing to keep me from falling. As sketchy as all that sounds, it was worth it to get the view from up there.

Now if I could only get myself to climb the stairs in my personal life.

Being inside the stairwell of my own mind, half way up, has become my own personal prison. I don’t want to give in, and go down again, but it is so hard to go up and see the view.

— Scott



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