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This member story was featured in a mental health exhibition in Malaysia titled Return To Light.

I really love sharing my art on here, I didn’t realize until a while ago that you could.

I thought I would share the first portrait I ever made, just two years ago in September. A few days before this I had a a bad anxiety night and the days to follow had such bad anxiety I was stuck on the couch very scared and sad, one morning I wanted so badly for the anxiety to go away and all I could think of was Alice and Wonderland. I don’t know what made me but I decided to put on the crap white dress I got from eBay and go in the cold yard and do some photos I knew exactly the pose I wanted but I ended up just moving how I felt. I went inside and spent the next few hours learning to edit and my anxiety decreased threw it all and after I seen what I created I was amazed and I felt so good and proud. After that day my anxiety started to get better I wasn’t stuck on the couch and my skipped heart beats got less and less and I was feeling myself again. This was incredible to me because I felt so lost and so sick and unwell and very scared.

Art saved me and I really love to show people how amazing art of any form can be as a tool for you.

— Trena Pearl Wall


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Here are some of the personal notes exhibition attendees left for Trena!


“Glad you got better! Stay strong & continue creating! ?”

“Art is the freedom of expression. It’s something that reminds you that you are beautiful inside ?”

“It might be difficult sometimes but you will be alright! As you’re always stronger than you think!”

“Glad to hear that you found your way and channel out! You’re amazingly so strong and courageous. Hang on there sweetheart! You’re captivating.”

“As a musician myself, I am always scared of expressing myself through art and sharing it. I think it’s really couragous of you to do so! It’s beautiful!”



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