Tunnel With No Way To Go

Black and white image of truck driving in a dark tunnel with lights down the middle of the ceiling

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a tunnel with no way to go anywhere except where it leads me. Whether I want to or not I just need to go with the flow if I want to carry on.

I close myself off and hide in a corner and think about my choices in life, about mistakes that I’ve made and how everything is somehow my own damn fault. Lost loves, bad jobs, lousy relationships with people around me.

But then a small voice tells me this isn’t true. It takes two to tango. It wasn’t all my fault! Surely I did have a part in it, but I’m not alone to blame.

What I’ve come to learn in my years is to listen to that soft little voice instead of the other thundering one screaming bad things to me. That small voice speaks the truth through my own screams of self doubt, anger and depression.

I’ve found a friend that I want to cherish and nurture a relationship with.

It’s myself.


—  Axel Benediktsson



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