Getting Started with Therapeutic Photography Techniques

By December 7, 2018Insights

Hint: You’ve probably already been doing it without knowing!

Many people are intrigued when they first hear the term “therapeutic photography” and while some instinctively get it, others are unsure if they know how it works.

I often hear questions or concerns like:

“What if I’m not a photographer?”


“What if I don’t have a proper camera?”

It’s common that people are worried about the quality or technical aspects of their photos, sharing something that they feel is not up to par with other members, but that’s the beauty of therapeutic photography and our community.

We’re not about photography as an art or profession, it’s simply a way of communicating and expressing yourself in a non-verbal form.

You don’t need a fancy camera or any specific type, the one in your phone will do, or use a point-and-shoot, DSLR, film camera — whatever you have is enough.

The next thought and barrier is often not knowing where to begin.

“My story is so long and complex, and I’m not sure if I want to share this yet…”


“I’m worried about saying the wrong thing or not getting feedback!”

I get it. Every single one of us has been there before and the most important thing is to just get started. Share something – no matter how simple or small. It’s the only way that we can meet you and start to get you connected in the community.

We’ve worked really hard to connect our community so that people can often get feedback as quickly as possible on their stories — and it’s always improving.

The brilliance of therapeutic photography techniques and using photos as a way to express yourself, especially in the context of mental health, is that it can take the place of words when you’re not sure how to say it.

Say it through your photo.

Anyone who has gone through something similar may see it and be able to relate.

There are lots of reasons why taking photos is therapeutic and beneficial for your mental health, which you can read more about on our page on therapeutic photography – yet there’s so much more to it.

Therapeutic photography techniques can include:

  • taking and creating photos
  • editing photographs
  • looking through, analyzing, and working with photos
  • answering questions about photos
  • sharing your photos with others
  • getting feedback on your photos
  • giving feedback about other photos
  • reflecting on photos over time

You can learn more about our specific therapeutic photography techniques that many have used as a way to better express, understand and overcome issues like depression and anxiety in our flagship course, Build Your One Project — which is free within our private community.

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