I wanted to share this image to express how I came to creating it and what it means.

Recently I have been going through weeks of distress dealing with a mixture of emotions that have traumatised me in ways I never thought was possible. This has lead me to feel completely invisible, lost, alone and unworthy. Not only this, but comprehensively lost in how I will get over this traumatic time.

When I was at my lowest, I created this image unknowingly what I was going to produce. My completion of this was entirely emotionally lead.

After returning to visually see what I had created the next day, was then when I realised that this photo completely reveals what I am going through. The ‘tunnel’ appeal to the image represents how I don’t have a clear vision to where I am heading and the blurred swirl represents the activity of emotions I am currently struggling with. Having my image appear vibrant in colour was my way of bringing back that positivity I seemed to have lost and am now desperate to find.

Out of all that I have created so far, I personally believe I manage to visually display a representation of what hurts me the most at this time as-well as feeling like I managed to journal what I needed to get off my chest.

— Vicki Norris


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