The journey to the unknown.

No one can say where I’m going or what the destination is.

The journey has already lasted many years and there is certainly more to come. I have been told that at some point the situation will become better. What helps me going further? From where do I find the strength?

There are moments of hope that usually ends in depression once again. Despite of all the barriers, there is something that keeps me going.

For me, this photo represents a long and difficult trip to the unknown, where I’m fortunately surrounded by light. I’m not walking alone in the gloomy darkness, although the feeling of hopelessness is often present. I have to paddle every day, even though the destination is not visible. There is now on else that can paddle for me. I have to do it all by my self.

For many years I did not dare to take the first step. I waited and hoped someone would come and save me. Carry me to safety. It has taken a long time to realize that although the steps are fragile and small, I have to do it myself and my own pace. It feels safe to go on a journey when I’m surrounded by light.

In the photo, the water and the mist embrace softness. The light brings hope and faith. The light that surrounds me is my nearest, my family.

— Peter Engberg



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