Six Years Without My Best Friend

Six Years

Six years without my best friend

Six years without my rock

Six years since she left this world

How ever have I survived six years?

I still have days where I almost forget that she is gone.

Days where I want to reach for the phone just to hear her voice, share an accomplishment, or ask for advice.

Its been six years, since she went away.

The pain does not go away, but has subsided.

There is still a hole where she once was, but now it does not throb so painfully.

Its been six years, grief did not take me down.

Oh but it sure did try!

Six years and I am still standing and surviving my loss.

I miss her every day. I think of her all the time, but I know some day we will meet again.

But for today I will say I miss and love you more than words can say.

I think of you often and wait for that day I can see your smiling face, but know right now I will say:

I am doing okay.

— Crystal Miller


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