Sharing With Strength and Courage

What if we face our fears and insecurities, but instead of running from them we open the closet doors and drag those skeleton to the daylight?

What if we start to challenge our shortcomings and weaknesses instead of passively letting them rule over us? What if that’s when life starts to change?

If we can manage to do that, perhaps we’ll find that life as a whole hasn’t really changed after all. Hardships and tragedy will still blindside us and send us reeling from time to time.

But really, we have bravely chosen to grow. To find strength where we didn’t think there was any. And as a result, we will have the strength and courage to share that power with others.

And what if that’s really all it takes to change the world? In reality, one person can’t. Not directly. But maybe you can change one person’s life forever. Maybe it’s your life. Maybe its someone you know. But if you can change someone’s life for the better, you’ve changed their world. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

What if?

— Andrew Penner


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