Season of Change

By September 18, 2019Depression, Photography

Sadness and happiness at the same moment.

Autumn, for me, is so melancholy. The sun’s tired after a long summer. You can notice it by the sunbeams that is coming from a much lower angle. The light changes and shows nature differently than usual.

Ahead are the weeks where the forest has its firework with leaves showing all sorts of splendiferous colours, and then suddenly all that is gone. It’s a time when a mix of sadness and happiness at the same time are most current for me — looking at all the leaves that soon will fall on the ground and disappear.

It’s a time when I feel joy in being reborn, but also a time when I say goodbye to my old self. The past me that contains a load of painful emotions that I have to say goodbye to start living a healthier and happier life.

— Peter Engberg


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