Woman's face underwater with bubbles from her breathing blurry and obscuring her face to represent anxiety

Hey friends, I know it’s been a while, but here I am again.

This is a self-portrait I took back in June when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with a number of things that had been going on.

The last few weeks have been full of change and lots of stress — some good and some bad. I’ve entered a new relationship, received an extremely unexpected job offer that means a massive career shift is happening in just under a month now. At the same time, a friend made a suicide attempt and I had to take a day off work to help figure out next steps and to ground the others involved, another friend revealed to me that he started self-harming again, and a series of bar fights broke out where my friends work. One of my friends got hit 3 times and grabbed by the neck and when I sat with her afterwards she told me that she was so angry about it because her dad is really sick and I felt pretty helpless. So by the time Wednesday night rolled around I found myself once again feeling extremely overwhelmed. I recalled this photo, so I pulled it out and edited it and found a great deal of relief in having a positive creative outlet to express how I was feeling about everything what’s been going on.

So…that’s mostly what’s been going on for me. I’m personally doing pretty decent, just feeling a little over my head right now trying to navigate all of these situations!


— Kay Nutt



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