Making assumptions. Taking things personally. Self-doubt. Critical thinking. Negative thoughts. Being hard on yourself. I tend doing these things to myself a lot while working full-time for someone else. Is this job or career choice for me? I chose it to relax and pamper others. To make others feel beautiful. I work part-time for someone else to help them out during an illness in their family and then full-time while a co-worker was out of the country. But is trying to please others (clients & the owner) meant for a super sensitive soul who’s learning a new career in her older years? People really don’t know how hard doing nails perfectly is. Sometimes, I’m strong and say I do my best and with practice I will do better. Or just saying to myself that I am good at what I do. I must stop comparing myself to others. I envy those who are so good naturally. But if I work constantly I will master my new skills. Why am I so hard on myself? I hate these negative thoughts. But I have met some really nice people and I should just focus on them. Focusing on the positive will outweigh the negative. I try and can’t wait until these negative feelings pass.


— Leandra Richie



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