I’ve been in a funk the last two days – May has been my “holiday” month, which means I’ve been working only 3 evenings a week. It’s been a struggle not to beat myself up over sleeping past noon and being “unproductive”. I have wonderful parents and a partner who keep telling me it’s okay to work less, but the lack of a paycheque at all STRESSES. ME. OUT. So I distract myself and stay busy and do life-giving things and self care and try to keep that negative self-talk to a dull roar, I mean, whisper… ya… the patterns of behavior I’ve had the last three weeks feel dangerous close to my depression, but I know rationally that it is different. The sun is shining and I’m taking the long view. Peace.

About the pic:

Self-portrait with smartphone and 10s timer – been a long time since I’ve done one of these. I did very little prep and didn’t even look at the image until I sat down here. VERY happy with how it turned out. One of my favorite places to walk in Edmonton on the south end.


— K. M. M. Henry



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