Meet The Heart Transplant Survivor Who is Traveling to all 196 Countries

By February 28, 2018Depression

Hi my name is Jordan D Marcia.

I was born with a rare heart and lung disease that forced me to need a heart transplant at the age of four.  After receiving my life saving heart, I had a new lease on life, with a very positive attitude.

However, by the time high school rolled around, this had changed into a depression after realizing that my life would be cut short, due to a typical transplant only lasting up to ten years.  I suffered in silence for a few in highschool until I watched a close friend pass away. Again, realizing I was mortal, and soon that I would be next. This time, it was different though.

I changed my frame of mind, instead of being upset about my short life, I should live it to the absolute fullest that I can.  So, soon after high school, I started planning for a way to do just that.

At Twenty Three, I packed up all of my stuff, and set out to be the first heart and organ transplant recipient to spread awareness for organ donation, the need of it, and its importance. By traveling to all one hundred and ninety six countries. So far, I’ve done twelve, but nothing will stop me from reaching my goal.

Although I constantly face depression still, I always think positively and try and keep my focus on accomplishing this goal. I’ve found that traveling, is the best thing for me, to keep me focused, and to keep my depression from getting the best of me.

— Jordan D Marcia



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