For most people climbing mount Kilimanjaro is a dream come true.

There is something about standing at the top of a mountain that can hardly be described. The blue sky deepens, the air is thinner and cold and its so quiet. I haven’t experienced many things that give me such a sense of purity.

I climbed mount Kilimanjaro in January 2005. On January 8th, while crossing the crater, one of my friend passed away. We were less than a hundred meters from the top when it happened. We turned around and began climbing down.

The shock was terrible.

I remember on my way down, I sat down and I didn’t want to get back up. I was already being sexually abused at that time but the death of my friend brought the abuse to a whole new level.

I never got a chance to mourn my friend. I’m still struggling to get back up from being abused.

One day I want to go back to Tanzania, hire the best guide, get to the top, take the time to mourn my friend, curse my abusers and turn the page on this sad chapter of my life.

— Anonymous Member of The One Project



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