Close up photo of purple flower with lots of water drops on the leaves with blurred bokeh background around

It takes courage to be who you are.

For some reason, six years ago, I was convinced that I must face that fact and start telling friends and family about my illness. For me, It was a moment where I had to break through the public facade of showing up a “perfect life” that I’ve been raised to do.

It was a time when so-called friends started to take distance from me. Something so painful to experience and I was deeply aggrieved of what I encountered.

In that situation, I was more seeking the attention and support, not for friends to turning their back to me.

Today I think that stepping out of the line and raising my hand was one of the most meaningful things I did that have had a significant influence on me getter better.

This photograph that I took yesterday does remind me of those moments. Now when I look at people, I think that so many live a life as a flower bud and are keeping up the facade while not being happy.

I see myself as the flower that blooms gracefully.

— Peter Engberg


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