I’ll put the monsters under my bed that you’re afraid to see

For those monsters they know to not harm me 

Dry your eyes boy go back to bed

For when you wake the monsters dead

You’ll never know how it left your head

It’s fast asleep under my bed


~ This poem was written for a dear friend who took his life, it will be 6 years this fall. He became addicted to drugs early I was 17 I loved him and was already in an abusive relationship with his best friend.

It turned to heroin and one day he got clean and got depressed at that point we were already long a-strained because sometimes people go too far and you have to distance yourself.

It has been a struggle missing him understanding wishing I could have done anything if he only would have had someone, but would it have mattered?

And he probably never would have imagined the impact his life’s had on people.

Thank you to The One Project for being a place where I can finally be comfortable to put my words out there about this.

RIP Danny ❤️

— Trena Pearl Wall


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