I study light, and bend it to my will, manipulating wavelengths and reflections, capturing a moment of electromagnetic waves

I study letters and thoughts, wielding words to guide you on a journey, perhaps without ever meeting you, showing you places and faces that perhaps you’ve never seen.

I study people, their words and actions and reactions, to maybe understand them, so perhaps I can help them understand themselves.

I’m a photographer, philosopher, wordsmith, analyst, thinker, creator, servant, actor, and more. And because I am those things, I know I’ve saved a life. And I’ve changed others for the better.

It’s not something I can put on my resume. It won’t land me a new job or raise my social standing. But by saving that life, and changing others for the better, I’ve changed the world, and the entire course of history just a little bit.

What have you accomplished lately?

— Andrew Penner


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The One Project is a community of passionate creatives, advocates and caring friends or family members working to support each other and change the conversation around mental health issues like depression, anxiety and more with therapeutic photography.

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