When I’m feeling more at ease after being in the dark place and I start thinking more positively I know I’m healing.

It’s hard feeling down in the dumps and realizing depression is such a cycle.

Being a stay at home mom is great because I don’t have to call into work and risk being fired. My kids are old enough to take care of their basic needs.

It’s just being home too much and being alone too much isn’t good for busy minds and sensitive hearts! I feel like being home alone too much isn’t good either.

So I know when I’m healing and feeling good I’m not dealing with depression. It’s those days when I don’t have an agenda and I spend way too much time on the couch watching too much tv and am on my phone way too much that I feel myself slipping back into the darkness.

It really is a cycle. I’m just grateful to those healing moments in time when I’m feeling good. I try staying busy and will certainly do a schedule. Because tomorrow I need to get out. Perhaps the gym is a great place to start…

— Leandra Richie


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