Forgive our emotions

By March 27, 2020Mental Health

“In a fully functional organism, an emotion has a ver short life span. It is like a momentary ripple or wave on the surface of your Being. When you are not in your body (presently i.e in the Now), however, an emotion can survive inside you for days or weeks, or join with other emotions with similar frequencies that merge and become the pain-body, a parasite that can live inside you years, feed on your energy, lead to physical illness and make your life miserable.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes we need to forgive our emotions.

The mind cannot forgive only we can.

We are immensely powerful and filled with love inside. In psychology we categorize our thoughts as doing thoughts and being thoughts. The being thoughts aren’t compulsive they carry our true essence try to live in that my simply trying to feel your body. Being is powerful. And you are it. We are it.

— Tiyani Gurusinghe


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