Follow your light – It’s been years that I chased light, for my recovery, to healing, and it is a struggle to assume that it is the right light that I need to pursue. Before I’m not sure that the light I keep chasing will bring me to the purpose that I’m searching. Yes, our thoughts were so complicated, but the vast connections of our brain cells able to align the processes that we need to attain and to conform with our satisfaction. Do we get what we like? Do we meet our light? If yes, what’s next? And if no, do we continue or we surrender?  If chasing is not successful, do not give up instead, we follow the light, and by doing so, one day it will lead us to the kind of light that is unique to us only. The type of light you tried to chase, to follow might be different from anybody else, from the kind of light that I’m following. I follow the light brought by sunrise and sunset because they are beginning and the end of discovery, which is unique to me. Yes, the dawn has fog and sunset have clouds, but I knew I’m following the right light for me.  Do you chase or follow your light?  Doesn’t matter because you know it is your light. Embrace it and let it reflect your purpose

— Dancel Dante


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