Feeling trapped in a dark place

I have been feeling trapped in a bit of a dark place these last few days. The stress of working from home, being at home more than I am used to, being in pain 90% of the day and struggles with my daughter and her mental health, have left me feeling depressed. Every day I do the things I know I am supposed to do to assist with managing my depression, but I feel like it just is not as effective as it should be. Maybe I am wrong, maybe this is just a product of the situation and I should be happy I have not totally broken down, but I’m not. I do not want to be depressed. I do not want to be in pain. I do not want to be stressed about work when I am doing the best that I can with what I have been given! I know the light will shine again. I know I will not always feel this way. I know I am strong enough to overcome, so for now I just keep pushing through the dark, looking for the light to shine again.

— Crystal Miller


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