Door of Opportunities

This member story was featured in a mental health exhibition in Malaysia titled Return To Light.

I like old doors, especially the old handles. They have a special appearance and they “shook” lots of hands during their time.

To me, a door means a possibility, a new path or space we can tread. To find out what’s behind a door, we can’t just wait for it to open. We need to act by opening it with the help of a handle or knob. That’s the chance.

Everywhere I go I decided to look for old door handles to take photos of. It’s a project to remind me of the opportunities life opens up to me. It’s on me to press its handle to set it in motion.

— Kali Mahavidya

Here are some of the personal notes the attendees left for Kali!


“Beautiful explanation. “Door means possibility”

“Opportunities are there. Just put out your hand and reach as far as you can go. ❤️”

“Your word has motivated me. Just a door but it’s very meaningful.”

“What an encouraging perspective of doors as they represent the many opportunities that awaiting. Open them and explore & experience LIFE! ?”

“A very wonderful thought. You have a good perspective. Will keep this in mind whenever I’m afraid to venture out to new things.”



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