I never thought I am a grateful person. I think my life is nothing I have to be thankful for. I don’t live the big and great and desirable life of someone that others would be envious of.

When you ask me about gratitude it’s like “Oh, yes, of course! I am mentally disordered, are you kidding me? Thankful for what?”

But when I look at my photos of everything that surrounds me I sense some kind of warmth and reality. They not only represent my life and my experiences but also a deep love and inner peace that rests in myself.
These pictures are my expression of gratitude even though I sometimes don’t realize it.

When I first thought about starting a diary of gratitude I recognized I already had one. It’s the photographs I take nearly every day. They remind me of the good sides, especially when my depression hits me unexpectedly like it always does. I light my dark days with pictures of the bright days. They show that there’s always something to look forward to. You don’t need a great and enviable life, it’s the small things like a sunset or a ladybug or a flower that soothe your mind and soul. Be aware of it. Capture it.

— Kali Mahavidya


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