Depression Is Out Of My Life

By October 15, 2018Anxiety, Depression
I had to live many years with some friends that cause me a lot of suffering and with very unpleasant thoughts. Finally after getting help I meet them; Depression, GAD & OCD. Months after been in treatment, a new friend arrive in my live the big “C”. We gave a good fight to this one, and I’m on recession for the past 3 years. All of that together cause my early retirement. Today depression is out of my life for good. GAD & OCD well, GAD shows to say hi some times, and OCD I have accepted that it’s part of my character. Retirement was the best decision in my life, I have been a family man all of my life, family for me is #1 allways, but now that I can be with my wife & son 100% is a blessing.

— Héctor Gerena



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